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Automotive metal parts demand for mold industry upgrading

Author: Mingtai  Date: 2016/9/8 11:40:14

In recent years, car hardware mold products field, with the introduction of new models, and upgrading of the old models, and the expansion of the scale of the vehicle and parts production at home and abroad, demand is also increasing. Around for new supply channels, with advanced technology and the hardware mold manufacturers in the world with cost competitiveness of the national system hardware mold manufacturers, all in strengthening their own career field, accelerate the construction of hardware mold production system. Suppliers according to the international mold and metal plastic industry association director luo hui is introduced, making a normal car took an average of about 1500 hardware parts, auto production in China is ascending year by year, the foreign capital enter China factories, to meet the demand of hot domestic demand and exports at the same time, car hardware parts demand must become into upgrading hardware mold industry in China a good opportunity of 2016 Paris international exhibition of doors and Windows.

Due to the rapid development of domestic metal mold and obvious advances in technology, combined with domestic hardware mold price is low, so in recent years, some domestic joint venture brand car many hardware mold by foreign imports to become in the domestic procurement of the past. At the same time, along with the international competitiveness of Chinese auto metal mould industry gradually increases, some of the brands are abroad increasingly purchasing hardware mold in China. Germany and the United States some of the oems have many Chinese hardware mold factory products into its global procurement chain. This trend not only was clear, and with the domestic enterprise production technology optimization, the advantages of domestic metal mold industry in the international market will be further highlighted. Lo, head of the international mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association hundred hui pointed out that the domestic mold, hardware mold products market bullish about cars, but the development of domestic metal mold industry imbalance also worth watching. Although China's auto production, but that many of them are from well-known brands abroad funding and mass production. At the same time, the hardware mold as the important part of business lifeline, its progress, regional imbalance development. South China's guangdong area, for example, the town in the traditional sense of the car, start here than in north of Shanghai, east China changchun to late, especially for the highest value, mainly used in the manufacture of automobile covering parts of hardware mold, south China mold market development is almost blank.

China auto mould as car market developing and showing strong growth momentum, 2016 Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America glass exhibition to speed up the localization of automobile hardware mold is the first task of auto parts industry. No domestic mould of low-cost, there can be no rapid development of domestic brands, it has been recognized by everyone, but low cost does not mean that the low levels. In low cost development of many varieties at the same time, domestic brand car to rapid development and improve the quality, must from the improvement of domestic hardware mold. Domestic cars not only should continue to develop in the low-standard market and will improve its market share in the high-grade market, the trend is very obvious. This will inevitably puts forward higher and higher requirements to auto hardware mold products, this is also the inevitable trend of auto stamping die market. Hardware mold enterprises should fully understand the trend, and to rely on technological progress to keep costs low, and constantly improve the quality of mould.

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